Cold & Flu

Hello friends! We’re back from a short trip to an indoor Bluegrass festival/conference. We had a GREAT time – but staying in a dry, overheated hotel in February, and staying up way too late pickin’ & socializing with about 500 of our best friends has taken its toll…

We’re down with colds here today. I have broken out the eucalyptus leaves and added them to some hot water for the fresh, fragrant and therapeutic steam (not for drinking!). A little bit goes a long way here in our tiny cabin!

I have read online that many people skip the leaves entirely and simply diffuse eucalyptus essential oil when they are sick (or even when they are not), for that fresh, spa-like ambience!

Please note: While there are some eucalyptus teas & cold remedies commercially available, be careful – Eucalyptus leaves should not be ingested in large amounts by adults and they are toxic to children & pets.

Thanks for checking in folks. We’re taking good care here – I’m sure we’ll be feeling better next week!


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Please also note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist. While this essential oil treatment has worked well for me, your mileage may vary. It is always a good idea to discuss any health decisions with your doctor before getting started. Please be very careful with hot water/steam!

2 thoughts on “Cold & Flu

  1. We feel with you……..sitting here sneezing and coughing our way through the day 😦

    Hope you’re going to feel better soon and will definitely try your “tea tip”.
    We’re trying hot water with ginger and lime,

    But to be honest….being down also gives you a break you usually might not take and that’s one thing I do kind of enjoy…….always try to see the bright side 😉

    Get well soon and take care

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    1. Lynne

      Sorry to hear you are sick there too! Hope you feel better soon! We’re on the mend here after a couple of days of good rest. You are right, with the pace of life, it can be tricky giving ourselves a much needed day off. It is definitely worth making the time for though! 😊 Your ginger lime tea sounds good!


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