Cozy Greens

Happy New Year!! One of our favorite winter traditions is picking fresh greens from our garden to go with our New Year’s dinner. These simple cold frames make it possible!

This project can be as easy or as complicated as you’d like. All you really need to do is provide a frame that sits on the ground, facing south, with a window (or plastic) on top that can be propped open a bit for ventilation on warmer days and closed on colder days and at night.

The plants go right into the ground. We sow the first crop from seed directly into the frames in late September. In colder weather you might want to start plants in a sunny window indoors and plant out when they are established. Add your nutrients of choice before planting, and water as needed once planted.

If the ground is frozen where you are, try setting up the frames and leaving them closed for a few days so that the greenhouse effect can help to thaw out and warm the soil a bit.

Cool weather crops will, of course, do better in a cold frame, and salad greens are a great fit for this type of fall/winter gardening!

Here’s a great link with inspiration, ideas and tutorials for making your own cold frame.

Thanks so much for following along with our cabin adventures! Here’s to a healthy, happy and cabin-filled 2019 for all!


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