Vardo Tour!

Hi and thanks for stopping by! Today, I have a sweet treat for us all: While attending a bluegrass festival earlier this summer, we came upon this adorable custom-made and custom-painted Gypsy “Vardo” Wagon! The owners (also the builders) were happy to give us a tour!


Tiny and light enough to be towed by the car that you see in the background. Each one of the beautifully hand-painted designs represents a family member.


A sweet kitchen area, featuring lots of storage and a working sink.


Sleeping quarters: two single bunks, with more storage (shoes underneath!). The living quarters were set up outdoors, and featured a folding table and chairs under a square canopy. Everything you need for a weekend festival, and nothing you don’t!

Do you have a cabin/tiny house that you’d like to share? We’d love to check it out and possibly feature it here! (Details on the About page.)

In other news, we’re making more progress on the woodshed build, and will have more to share soon! Stay tuned.

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