Demo and More News!

Happy Summer friends! We took advantage of a stretch of stunning days here over the last couple of weeks to get a whole bunch of things done, including making some big progress on demo-ing/recycling the little shed. We had some professional training and help with removing the large window and the roof, and then we chipped away at the rest of the structure as we had time.


We’re left with just the floor, which we are currently enjoying as a shady summer deck! Friends have joked that we should host a bluegrass concert, so we have taken to calling this “The Woodland Stage” 🙂

As you can see from the above photos, much of the back side of the shed was rotted, and the floor has also warped, so those parts will not be reused. The remaining materials have been stripped of hardware and will be repurposed into a number of projects, including a covered woodshed behind our current cabin! We are really looking forward to ditching the tarp covers on our woodpile this fall/winter!

The woodshed will be the first build project that we will tackle this summer. After that plans are in the works for a timberframe tiny house/studio in this former shed space! We’re waiting on permits and a few other things to fall into place, but stay tuned! SO excited! Consider following us here and on Instagram if you haven’t yet (links in the sidebar), and we will keep you in the loop!

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