A Last Look – and New Plans!

A farewell shot of this rough little shed that sits just a few feet from our cabin.

This shed began life as a small 2-stall barn for a prior tenants two goats. There was also a small chicken coop and enclosed run added to the back.



Our lifestyle favors nurturing a garden over keeping animals at the moment, and so we removed the stalls, cleaned and spruced it up a bit and used it for garden tools, etc. It has served us well these last 6 years.



For something thrown together a decade ago from reclaimed materials, this little shed has held up pretty well! But time, water, erosion, and carpenter ants have taken their toll, and it needs to come down while that can still be safely accomplished. We will, of course, be saving what we can for reuse on other projects. Demo starts today!


And now for the exciting part – if all goes according to plan, there will be an interesting DIY build project beginning here later this summer! We’re really looking forward to learning more about building/power tools! We plan to document the project, here and on YouTube as well. Stay tuned!

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One thought on “A Last Look – and New Plans!

  1. Must really be a bitter sweet feeling to “let go” of the cabin 😦
    But….looking forward to what’s coming up…..that does sound exciting !!
    Can’t wait to see what you’re up to then 🙂
    Take care and cheers from Nova Scotia

    Liked by 1 person

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