The Cabin

The cabin is 750 square feet, with some good, dry storage in the basement. The layout is ideal: One large living/dining/kitchen area featuring floor to ceiling windows that overlook the pond. Wide plank pine floors throughout. Ceilings are vaulted and open, showing the beams and beautiful mortice/tenon work throughout with a loft over the kitchen area. The kitchen is small, but efficient. A small island creates extra storage, a good area for prep work and looks out to the living area.

A short hallway leads from the main room to the bedroom, which is private in that the overall cabin shape is an “L” but otherwise open to the rest of the space (no door). The hallway contains the ladder to the loft and also doubles as a large closet/dressing area. The bathroom off the hallway boasts the cabin’s only interior door, and is reminiscent of a California spa, with large soaker tub/shower, and modern fixtures, juxtaposed with rustic beams and rough, tumbled tile. A large, outdoor deck fills the space inside the “L” footprint, and provides extra living space in the warmer months.

The large windows provide passive-solar heat in the winter, supplemented with a small wood stove. Roof overhangs and well-placed deciduous trees help to keep things cool in summer. Propane tanks provide fuel for the stove, hot water, and an additional under-floor radiant heating system that we rarely use. This cabin faces south east and could easily be converted to a solar-electric setup.


Table for two, southeast corner.

With an eye to our new tiny-living status, we have kept furnishings to a minimum. All furnishings have at least two functions and are required to be lightweight and moveable since we use the main room as a living room, dining room, rehearsal space and guest quarters, depending on the day’s activities.

Since we both have the need to work from home at times, the loft is set up as an office/reading area with low bookcases surrounding the edges of the space. I have also tucked a table into the corner of the bedroom to serve as additional work space. In a pinch, a quick-fold camping cot turns the loft into additional guest quarters.

This design was well thought out and beautifully executed by the builder. In my years of living here so far, have not found much that I would improve upon!


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